You may have seen it with your own eyes. During the first quarter of Cleveland's 109-99 win Friday, Kevin Love took a nasty bump to the head when he collided with Jayson Tatum just outside the paint. The play started as LeBron looked to his left, from his assumed position at the top of the key. With the ball in movement, Kevin Love darted for a screen, so that George Hill could get off his shot in space. Little did he know, Tatum was inadvertently in his way, see for yourself.

Kevin Love has a history of concussion dating back to his first season with the Cavs, to the point where team officials are suspending their evaluation until he has a full night's rest. The Celtics also showed concern for rookie Jayson Tatum, who may be also be at risk, even though he stands on his feet, and Love seemingly took the worst of the hit. Tatum will continue to be monitored by the Celtics' medical staff even though Coach Brad Stevens did state "every indication is he's fine." That's simply the level of attention you give a million dollar investment. Kevin Love, for his part, will remain game-time decision until further notice. Game 7 is Tomorrow in Boston.