The thing about sex tape scandals is that they'll forever haunt the celebrity featured in it. I mean, a wedding and four kids later and Kim Kardashian still has to answer questions about her sex tape with Ray J. But Kevin Hart's scandal is far more recent, and even though it was a matter of 2018, it looks like Kev's still dealing with the aftermath.

Earlier today, it was revealed that the woman in the alleged sex tape, Montia Sabbag, filed a $60M lawsuit against Kevin Hart over the allegations. However, it looks TMZ pulled up some receipts that indicate she promised otherwise. In a press conference held after the scandal broke, Sabbag, and her lawyer Lisa Bloom stated they aren't asking Kevin Hart for any money but would rather go after the perpetrator.

Now, sources close to the situation have reportedly said Sabbag's third lawyer recently tried to pressure Kevin for a figure in the "low six figures." Ultimately, Kevin's lawyer said that wasn't happening, nor was homegirl getting a dime.

The weird thing about the allegations is that Sabbag claimed Kevin was in on the scandal and conspired with J.T. Jackson, the suspect behind the alleged tape, to hide a camera in the comedian's hotel room. She claimed he was doing it for clout.

Here's the thing: if you're looking for publicity, and was previously caught up in a cheating scandal, why the f*ck would you try to leak your own sex tape while you're in a committed relationship? What's even more peculiar is that a source stated, "Kevin is working with the D.A. a lot because J.T. f**ked him over." 

It really doesn't seem like Sabbag or her lawyer thought this one through.