Kevin Hart had to push back his court date for the $7 million lawsuit with Stand Up Digital since the actor is still unable to walk at a regular capacity due to the car crash he was involved in last month. While he has one lawsuit out of the way, another lawsuit he's currently undergoing with iGo Marketing & Entertainment simply won't let up. 

 Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The company already won a judgement that awarded them $701,593.73 after Kevin didn't follow through on giving them 15% of earnings from marketing deals. iGo Marketing & Entertainment then argued that Kevin should have paid them more, forcing them to head back to court and ask a judge to increase Kevin's pay out to $952,793.54. Of course, the Jumanji actor asked a judge to drop the request. “The entire premise of the plaintiff’s argument is false and specious," he stated in documents. 

The Blast now reports that iGo Marketing & Entertainment believes Kevin's motion has no grounds and have demanded that his judgement be increased. A judge has yet to rule but considering Kevin's physical state he may not be able to attend any necessary hearings. 

“Defendant Kevin Hart just started physical rehabilitation and will not be ambulatory for at least another two months," his team previously stated