Kevin Hart virtually tweeted himself out of a job when addressing the criticism he received for some of his old tweets. Posts that were deemed homophobic resurfaced online, with many social media users seeking an apology from the comedian. Hart did acknowledge the situation and the upset without offering any real signs of remorse. Although the entertainer will no longer be hosting next year's Oscar awards, he still has much to celebrate.

The actor filmed himself while onstage in front of a massive crowd in Australia during his ironically named Irresponsible Tour. He expresses gratitude for his fans who have contributed to both of his Aussie shows' selling out. His caption reads, "Making the world laugh is forever a priority. Blessed to be able to bring laughter on an international level and do what I love." Kevin seems to remain unbothered by the backlash and the lost opportunity it caused.

Fellow comedians have come to his defense recently. Nick Cannon pointed out the double standards of the industry by retweeting equally offensive content published by white female entertainers, posts that have not ushered negative effects into the women's careers. Tony Rock also took time to explain the concept of humor as inclusion.