Kevin Hart is still dealing with the aftermath of his sex tape scandal last May. The comedian is now facing a lawsuit from his former business partner who claims Hart refused to deal with the sex tape scandal properly and ultimately costing them a deal with Apple.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

According to The Blast, Hart's former business partner, Stand Up Digital, filed documents in their ongoing legal battle with Hart over the failed launch of their video game, "Gold Ambush." Stand Up Digital claimed Hart revealed that he was in the middle of a sex tape extortion scandal right before the launch of the game. The company claims Hart's actions resulted in the game flopping, especially since he didn't uphold his promise to promote the game.

In legal documents, Stand Up Digital claims, "Instead, the public face of the game, Kevin Hart, went MIA during the crisis, leaving Stand Up Digital alone to deal with the aftermath … Instead of Gold Ambush being launched on the Apple store and receiving positive gaming press coverage, Apple refused to permit the game to launch, Gold Ambush was subjected to scathing press releases and gaming commentary mocking the family nature of the game in the light of Hart’s scandal."

They claim Apple was open to working with Hart months later on a few conditions, but Hart didn't hold up to his end of the bargain.

“Apple requested, however, that Hart first engage in a videotaped promotion for Gold Ambush in an Apple Store, which could be used to cross-promote the game as well as Apple. However, when Stand Up approached Hart and Brown with this opportunity to revitalize the game, they refused to cooperate, claiming they did not wish to work with Apple any longer.”

The company wants the judge to deny Hart's motion to dismiss the case and allow the case to move forward.