We're not sure how your 2021 Bingo Card is going, but the billionaire space race is an unexpected turn of events. We've watched as both Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos have paid top dollar to launch themselves into great heights, and while both multi-billionaires have shared stories of exhilarating moments in the sky, they've been heavily criticized for how they've opted to spend their money.

On his Sirius XM show Straight From The Hart, Kevin Hart revealed that he was offered a spot on an spacecraft, but the father of three ultimately decided against it.

Kevin Hart, Space
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"I was offered a seat on a shuttle to space, and the offer came with wanting to document a celebrity's experience," said Hart. "They said they wanted to document my experience from start to finish and have me complete it. It was like thirty, forty-five days of spending time with a team, and then you're looking at a sixty to ninety-minute trip."

These space trips come with serious health hazards that can prove to be fatal and in this time of his life, Hart is more concerned with his growing family.

"I said, 'I would love to know the record of space shuttles that made it versus the ones that didn't. What's the record of success versus non-success?' And that's my reason," Hart said. "That number is too close. It's not a crazy upside-down number one way or the other. It's too f*cking close, and that's that for me."

That doesn't mean that Hart has tossed out the idea of making his way into space altogether. 

"Now, if I'm on the other side of life — if I'm sixty, sixty-five — my kids are a certain age, I've seen all the flowers blossom, and I'd have lived life, [then] that's something that you punctuate it with," he said. "At this point, when you've got these little ones — nah, I can't f*ck around with space at this point."

Check out Bezos's video of his experience below.

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