Kevin Hart made another stop on his thinly-veiled public apology tour last night, appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. 

Colbert, interviewing Hart after he's talked about the issue with just about everyone else he could, begins by acknowledging "you've already given the answers, I'll go read this someplace else." He asks Hart one question, not about what he Tweeted way back when, but about how he's handled the fallout:  "is there anything about the way you've handled this situation over the past month that you would go back and change if you had a time machine?" Hart replies simply: "no," he's tired of talking about it, like "an onion" the conversation is "endless." Hart then continues to talk about it, making sure to note: "I'm authentic, I'm honest. I give you all of me," slapping the desk and repeating that he's "over it," a statement to which the audience replies with hoots and applause, as if Hart has kicked a drug habit.

Colbert, in an internet savvy move, gets Hart to then tell jokes that he would have had he actually hosted the Oscars. He begins by saying that he would have warned the actors in the audience to relax, because if not they could befall a fate worse than any other: becoming a meme.