Kevin Hart decided to participate in this year’s Chicago marathon race that went down this past weekend in the Windy City. Following the race however, the superstar comedian jumped on his IG and talked about the race, admitting that he didn’t get the time he wanted but endured some cramps & a real shit show along the way, quite literally.

Kev was explaining how the crappy weather & cramps he got played a part in his so-called missed time, when he nonchalantly mentioned that he saw two ladies shit on themselves during the race as well.

“I saw two older women shit on themselves. True story. One of them just came down the back of her leg, and the other one stopped in the grass and moved her shorts. That fucked me up,” he added hilariously as to why he didn't get the time he wanted. Despite the shit show and bad weather, Kev did finish and was happy nonetheless, wanting this to be a lesson to all the youth that “nobody can stop you but you.”

“Marathon #2 is complete & in the books....I have 4 more to go!!!!! I'm about to send some more kids to college damn it....put a purpose behind your RUN....My purpose is to inspire & motivate our youth to realize that they are their own competition....Nobody can stop you but you. BE GREAT....Its that simple....Keep pushing until you can't push anymore....Hard work pays off and it's that simple....Work hard so you can play the end of the day "Just Do It" #HustleHart,” he left as his caption as he spoke in the clip.

Check out the hilarious clip (below).