Kevin Hart has been a major part of the current Philadelphia 76ers series against the Miami Heat, showing up courtside for many of the games and getting namedropped by Dwyane Wade for his Game 2 performance. With the Sixers leading the series 3-1, tonight could be the Heat's last game before the 2018-2019 season, and they're sure to turn things up a notch in an attempt to stay in the running. Notably one of Miami's most well-known characters is DJ Khaled, who is friends with several players on the Heat and can often be seen at the American Airlines Arena. With both stars supporting their respective teams, a war broke out between the two, courtesy of TMZ Sports

Linking up with Khaled as he hopped into his Rolls-Royce, a photographer asked if he believed that DWade and co. could make it out of the first round, to which he responded by reminding us of the Heat's championship past, giving them a potential mental edge. Asking Kevin Hart how he felt about the "Top Off" artist's suggestion that the Heat would take the next 3 games and the series, Hart jokingly backed up his team. "You tell [Khaled] that's blasphemy. It's ridiculous conversation at this point and time in my life. Anything negative about the Sixers is ridiculous right now," told the comedian to TMZ. He has a point as Embiid and the 76ers have had an impressive run this year after struggling for so long.

Who do you have winning tonight in Game 5? Will the 76ers or Heat move on to the next round?