Get ready for some "real rap raw." It's been quite a while since we've received new music from Chocolate Droppa, also known as Kevin Hart. The comedian first introduced us to his musically-inclined alter ego years ago and even made a splash in the industry with a mixtape. However, as Hart became increasingly busy with his rising film career, production company, YouTube series, and stand-up specials, Chocolate Droppa took a back seat.

Kevin Hart Chocolate Droppa
Mike Coppola / Staff / Getty Images

That is until this week when Droppa resurfaced to spit a few bars. Since we've been locked under quarantine, Kevin Hart has spent his time indoors sharing funny stories about himself on social media. While fans have enjoyed his tales, they wanted to know if he would return as Droppa to entertain the public. "Imma give the people what they asked for," Hart said in a video. "People say, 'Where Droppa at?' Here I go!"

"Droppa been gone which mean I been missed / But that don't mean that Droppa ain't pissed / F*ck it, bacon bits in my back pocket / Scrambled eggs, b*tch you better lock it / No grits, don't want that sh*t / Came back like Hammer, too legit to quit / I ain't done, you better not run / I just started, which means Imma give you some," Droppa rapped.

Hart's son can be heard vying for his father's affection as those quarantine bars were flying, so check out Chocolate Droppa and little Kenzo below.

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