If you missed it, Kevin Hart is being sued for $60 million dollars by the woman who was featured in his leaked sex tape from 2017. She alleges in her suit, Kevin actually helped film their encounter to hype his career, but that ain’t true he says.

Sources told TheBlast that Kev would never do anything to further his career that would harm his wife or family, and anyone who thinks otherwise is "ridiculous and wrong.” They added, if you really think about, it doesn’t make sense for Kev to concoct this type of stunt that could jeopardize his wife & family, when at the time his career had already skyrocketed.

Reports suggest that Kevin's team is finding evidence that points the finger at his longtime friend, JT Jackson, who allegedly tried to get paid for giving the tape back to the comedian. Apparently there are direct messages asking for a specific amount of money for the tape and a search history on his computer about how to get paid via BitCoin.

Whether or not this woman will be successful in the lawsuit remains to be seen, but we’ll most definitely keep you posted moving forward. Don't be surprised if this ends in a settlement.