A lot of people have had a few things to say amid Bill Cosby's 10-year prison sentence after decades of sexual assault allegations and months and months of endless trial dates. A majority of reactions think Bill should have received a longer sentence, while some really think he's innocent.

O.J. Simpson, who got out of prison earlier this year after serving nine years, didn't comment on his length of sentencing but rather his treatment behind bars. “I’m sure there will be guys protecting him but they’re gonna have to put him in protective custody … because it takes one nut, ya know?” he said. “The problem is the nature of the crime." 

TMZ recently caught up with comedian Kevin Hart and asked him if he thought Bill should be able to perform standup for his inmates while he's serving time, and the Night School actor simply said he does not answer those kinds of questions. "The one thing about me is that I'll never know because I'm not going to prison so I wouldn't see or know," Kevin added.