Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon are friendship goals. This year for Kevin's birthday, Nick decided to wild out and get his friend an exotic new pet, surprising him with a llama. It took a few weeks but K-Hart has officially gotten his payback, plastering his friend's phone number all over massive billboards in major cities across the United States and telling his fans to ask the serial father for parenting advice.

"Since my brother @nickcannon decided to buy me a lama for my B Day I decided to do something nice for him as well….Here is a digital billboard in Los Angeles….I also did some in ATL & NY," said Kevin, encouraging his fans to ring up his best friend. "If u want any advice on fatherhood please call my BEST FRIEND @nickcannon ….I’m sure his phone has been ringing nonstop [laughing emojis] GOTCHA BACK BITCH #PRANKWARS."

Indeed, Nick's phone was ringing nonstop. The comedian shared a video of himself answering phone calls on FaceTime, keeping the interactions short because a bunch of other calls kept coming in. He actually said that his phone's battery was faltering because of the increased volume of calls.

Do you need a friend like Kevin Hart? Was he out of line for sharing Nick's phone number like this, or is it all fair in a prank war?