More evidence has come forward that puts more salt on Kevin Hart's open wound of his own friend trying to extort him for a lump of cash. Yesterday we posted on J.T. Jackson, the man who tried to blackmail Kevin into giving him money so his sex tape would not be revealed to the public. Kevin didn't go for it, confessed to the public himself and endured the scrutiny. J.T. has since been booked for attempted extortion and extortion by threatening letter.

A new video has now surfaced that sees how close J.T. and Kevin really were. The video below shows the two back in 2010 leaving a restaurant and while Kevin was trying his best to get J.T. into the car to head home, the "professional bowler" just couldn't get enough of the camera. Kevin gives up, gets in his car and drives away and then J.T. goes running after him. The camera follows them again and J.T. is still chatting the paparazzi up. This should have been a clear sign 10 years ago that J.T. had one thing in mind. 

When all the news of Kevin's own friend extorting him came to light, the Jumanji actor simply tweeted: "Mind a [loss] for words and simply in complete disbelief at the moment. WOW."