We never pegged Kevin Hart for a history buff, but it looks like he’s going to making some educational (but still entertaining) television. The pint-sized movie star has teamed up with The History Channel to create a two-hour special called The Black Man’s Guide To History.

At first glance, you’d expect the show to be about all the ways black people have gotten screwed over the years, but it’s actually a much more uplifting look at the history of African Americans, especially in the United States.

Using her daughter’s sadness after seeing the film 12 Years A Slave as a springboard, Hart will take viewers through comedic re-enactments of inspiring but little-known tales of black people’s achievements throughout history. It’ll tell the stories of people like Matthew Henson, the first person to go to the North Pole who didn’t get credit (you can guess why), Mae Jemison, the first black female astronaut, and Henry “Box” Brown, a slave who escaped to a free state by mailing himself in a box.

Kevin Hart had a super successful 2016, starring in movies like Central Intelligence and creating rapping alter-ego Chocolate Droppa. We’re excited to see what he does with the show, which he say is “an important program for our country right now.” Amen.

[via Variety]