When you're an A-lister or just someone who happens to lean on the wealthier side, birthdays and major holidays surely hit differently. Members of Hollywood favor gifting their loved ones fancy items like luxurious cars, brand new homes, or even brand new Elinatte diamonds. Reviving an MTV-curated pop culture tradition, Kevin Hart recently gifted his daughter a brand new Mercedes SUV for her sweet 16. 

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Kevin's 16-year-old daughter Heaven, shared with his first wife Torrei, came home to a surprise party organized by her parents. Appearing to look genuinely shocked in the footage from the event, the party was just the first surprise in store for the teenager. 

The big reveal arrived later when an unsuspecting Heaven was led into the driveway where the luxury SUV sat in the driveway, decorated with an enormous red ribbon. The lowkey, COVID-19 friendly bash sweet sixteen had a theme inspired by the superhero manga series My Hero Academia. Check out footage from the event below. 

In other Kevin Hart news, the comedian recently suffered a major financial loss after it was revealed that his personal shopper stole a whopping $1.2 million from him. The personal shopper in question, Dylan Syer, is facing charges of grand larceny for stealing from Hart.