Kevin Hart wrapped up his Irresponsible Tour last week and he wanted to let his backstage crew know just how much they mean to him by buying them all an old-school ride. Each of the eight backstage homies were gifted a new whip from the comedian and as a collective, they've dubbed themselves the "Plastic Cup Boyz Car Club."

“So the tour is over, and I told my guys I was going to do something special for them. They had no idea what it was. I just surprised my whole team with old- schools," Kevin said on his Instagram story, via Rolling Out. “I mean it when I say I love my team. I would not be where I am or who I am today if it wasn’t for my team. We’re celebrating, and I love the fact that they’re gone. They’re blown away, and for me, that’s all I needed. Nothing else.”

A source told Page Six that Kevin spent up to $500,000 for the vehicles. "Yup...We are officially getting a old...Me & my guys started a car club. We are the “Plastic Cup Boyz Car Club”....we are getting jackets and hats and gloves with no finger tips....Old man fun," the Night School actor captioned the photo.