Kevin Hart decided to flip off Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson during tonight’s live airing of the 2017 People’s Choice Awards, but not only did he have it coming to him, it was simply in good fun too.

Kevin Hart had finished thanking all of his co-stars for winning “favorite comedy performance” in the movie Central Intelligence, but of course Kev being Kev had to give a reverse shout out to his main partner, The Rock.

The Rock, who minutes later won an award for “Favorite Premium Series Actor” for his role on Ballers, made his way to the stage & laughed off Kevin’s comments, but not before he'd get one last one on Kev, saying "It's more important to be nice, unless your talking to Kevin Hart than you can go fuck yourself," then the crowd laughs.

With cameras on Kevin Hart, he boldly gave The Rock the middle finger live on air. Of course it was all in good nature between the two, but I'm sure FCC isn’t too happy about the "F" bomb by The Rock & Kev's middle finger. Peep the comedic play out near the 2:43 mark (below).