Kevin Hart, hot off the heels of the massive success of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, is returning to the career that helped catapult him into the A-list. Hart recently announced his forthcoming stand-up tour, aptly titled the Irresponsible Tour, which will now play 100 more dates and see the comedian travel across the globe to audiences eager to witness his unique brand of comedy.

The tour will commence in Baltimore on March 23, and will conclude in Singapore on December 13, with pit stops in Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, and a bevy of other cities internationally. Hart has released an advertisement for this upcoming venture, which also stars his wife Eniko. Peep the video below:

In the clip, the comedian can be seen addressing a gaggle of Kevin Hart personas, referring to himself as the boss of all these competing personalities. However, Hart's wife Eniko shows up behind him, announcing that she is in charge of the proceedings, commanding him to retrieve their baby and continue on their flight. 

Just last year, Hart admitted to cheating on his wife after becoming embroiled in a very public sex scandal. Thus, Eniko accompanying him on the tour may be a way to mend their ailing relationship, and ensure that he does not indulge in any incriminating behaviour while spending a lengthy time away from his family on tour. 

Here is a list of the tour dates to see when Hart will be visiting a city near you.