Kevin Hart wants all the smoke with one of the most famous professional wrestlers of all time. Dwayne Johnson, also known worldwide as The Rock, made his living in the WWE by becoming one of the most electrifying men on the microphone and in the wrestling ring. With moves like the Rock Bottom and the People's Elbow, Johnson has always been a fan favourite and he's definitely not somebody you wanna mess with in or outside of the ring. Kevin Hart has been in countless movies with the Hollywood star but he's not too happy with him at the present moment. In fact, he's accusing The Rock of stealing his decades-old nickname from him, warning the much larger man that it's on sight the next time they see each other.

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

When TMZ cameras caught up to the funnyman, Hart was asked about whether he would ever consider starring in a horror film, to which he replied that he'd be down. He then switched the topic up to chat about Dwayne Johnson, issuing some words to the actor before accusing him of jacking his "Rock" moniker. Even though Johnson has been known as The Rock for years, Hart says that it was his nickname first. "I've been The Rock. You guys just didn't know that. He stole my name," insisted the comedian. 

The two stars usually comment on each other's social posts with equal amounts of trollery so for them to take it to the streets isn't surprising.