It looks as though a very public sex video scandal can't keep Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko from celebrating their growing family with an upcoming baby shower that will be taking place in Malibu, CA. What's more, the event is costing the couple a pretty penny.

As per a new report form TMZ, Kevin and Eniko will be going through with a lavish, Lion King-themed shower on October 1st, despite the media circus surrounding the expectant father's supposed infidelity when it comes to his marriage with Eniko. The shower is going down at the Calamigos Beach Club in Malibu, a vanue that will be completely decked out in leopard print and pictures of safari animals. To top it all off, there will also be a Hart family photo with a silhouette of "pregnant Eniko leading the way" as the focal point. Talk about making the moment special.

The shower will also feature an "Experience Bar," a place where guests can sample different kinds of exotic foods and dress up like "tribal warriors," because who doesn't want that? In addition, there will be= a game show similar to The Price is Right taking place on-site, giving guests the opportunity to win prizes. The entire festivities will of course be set to music from the well-known Disney classic. The entire event is costing them nearly $118,000, with $1,500 set aside for a chimp in a diaper. It's sure to be a memorable occasion in more ways than one, especially considering all that's come to light about Hart's recent activities with a supposed stripper in Las Vegas.

Montia Sabbag, the woman in question, was rumored to have constructed an extortion plot that centered around a sex video made up of footage taken from a weekend in August, when Hart found himself indulging in the nightlife of Las Vegas. Yesterday marked a new turn in the case however, as Sabbag's lawyer held a press conference to say that her client was not trying to extort Hart and was as much a victim as he was. She claims she had no part in the filming of the footage that ended up in the tape, with her attorney adding that she hopes Hart and his team will join them "in bringing the perpetrator to justice.”