Another day, another Kevin Hart movie. The hardest working man in comedy is back with a new film featuring innovative comedy queen Tiffany Haddish. Their new movie, Night School, follows Hart, who is a high school drop out. After losing his job, Teddy (Hart) enrolls in the night school program to try to earn his GED. Haddish plays the strict night school instructor, who is determined to make sure Teddy passes his test. 

We were blessed with a preview trailer for the film a few months back, but now, a new trailer opens up the plot more for viewers to see. The latest trailer for Night School is also packed with new footage. "Teddy, you my friend are dyslexic," begins Haddish in the trailer. His issues don't seem to stop there. "You also have dyscalculia, were not done. You also have a processing disorder." "I got a touch of prostate cancer? She didn't touch my ass one time," answers Teddy. 

Rob Riggle and Fat Joe make quick hilarious appearances, and Teddy schemes on stealing the mid-term test so he can pass. "You want to explain to me how you got a perfect score?" Haddish asks Riggle. "I know I didn't get a perfect score, because I missed a few on purpose," Riggle smugly answers to his classmates' dismay. Check out the new trailer below, and catch Night School when it hits theaters on September 28.