Kevin Hart has been healing from his car accident but he was back in action in an episode of Cold As Balls with Mark Cuban as his guest. The show format is of Kevin chopping it up with a celebrity, athlete, rapper or other person of interest, half-submerged in a freezing ice-cold tub.

Kevin Hart
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

At the beginning of the episode, Kevin opens the dialogue between the two by pitching a literal shark tank of mini-sharks to Mark Cuban, the host of the real Shark Tank television show. Kevin describes the idea as providing mini-sharks to children and requiring millions of dollars in investment funds. The idea, which is obviously a non-starter is immediately dismissed by Cuban who then encourages Kevin to start the interview.

Cuban, who also owns the Dallas Mavericks, says that he bought the team for a whopping $285 million. The Mavericks owner's fortune can be attributed to having created the first streaming platform in an effort to figure out a way to broadcast sports events.

Kevin Hart tells Mark Cuban at one point, "I can't lie. I like your attitude Mark, I like the way you fucking move." Hart added, "I can say this about you, here's what I love the most, I love the most that you are unapologetically you."