An upcoming comedy-drama starring Kevin Hart has been given a January 11th release date by media giant STX entertainment. The Upside, as the film is called, first aired at the Toronto Film Festival and is director Neil Burger's revival of the French film The Intouchables. The story follows two unlikely friends - an insanely wealthy, recently paralyzed billionaire and a young ex-convict who becomes the billionaire's caregiver following his parol - as they experience life through their varying circumstances. Each character is thrust into a journey of self-discovery and learns a great deal about the nuances of life, dismantling misconceptions based on appearance, and appreciating the small things. Viewers of the original, French film which first aired in 2012 will recall the critically acclaimed Omar Sy playing the role portrayed by Hart in the English revival, and Francois Cluzet playing that of former Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston 

The list of the film's cast, crew and creators is full of impressive names including Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Nicole Kidman, Bryan Cranston, Aja Namoi King. The Intouchables managed to gross around $430 million worldwide and earned several members of the cast prestigious awards and nominations.

We are set to see how the film's English revival will succeed.