Kevin Gates will soon be out of prison and, by the looks of things, he's focused on more than just reloading his music career.

According to TMZ, the talented rapper is set to become a free man this week and his plans to improve the lives of those around him go far beyond just taking care of his friends and family: he wants the youth of today to learn from his mistakes so they can become more well-rounded adults in the future.

Gates' lawyer told the gossip outlet that the rapper plans on pursuing this community-minded venture soon after he's released from the Illinois penitentiary he's currently occupying on Wednesday. He'll supposedly donate considerable time and resources "talking to troubled teens and sharing anecdotes from his own life in hopes they'll avoid the same pitfalls."

Apparently, Gates also plans on getting involved with various organizations, among them the Boys & Girls Club, to share stories about his "regrettable decisions" and how they can be avoided. To be sure, his wife and kids are still his first priority, with his music coming a close second, but setting kids straight in his own way isn't far behind either of those.

Gates was originally jailed for physically assaulting a woman. He was about to taste freedom back in March of last year, but an outstanding weapons charge kept him behind bars for a while longer. He has served 9 months out of a 30-month sentence and will be released on parole. No doubt it will be a positive day not only for Gates and his loved ones, but also those in the rap community who respect the rapper's artistry and lyrical prowess.