Kevin Gates Slams Woman On Instagram For Not Giving His Dog Fellatio

Rose Lilah
February 10, 2015 15:37

Dats how I feel #BWA #idgt

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Kevin Gates kicks out a woman after she doesn't want to suck his dog's dick.

At this rate, Kevin Gates' reputation is going to overshadow his music career, which isn't really a good thing. The Baton Rouge rapper actually makes quality music, but he's more often in the headlines for wanting to fuck his cousin, eat the booty, and all that. Today is another such headline. After deleting his Instagram account of all videos, the rapper's back to his usual antics of airing out anything and everything on Instagram. 

On Instagram an hour ago, Gates spoke openly about a woman whom he had to kick out after she refused to give his dog fellatio. Yeah. 

In one of two videos (above), Gates says, "I hope you didn't think I got in the bed with you just to lay down with you. Hoe you could call Uber for all I care, hoe ta'lmbout 'I'm not 'bout to suck no dog dick, that's a dog.' Hoe you can call him what you want, but he loyal," before capping it with his usual "I don't get tired" mantra.

In the video that follows (watch here), Gates adds, "'Kevin you sick if you want a hoe to suck your dog dick', let me tell you something bitch, why you all up on a nigga page? I wouldn't even let my dog smell your pussy. Wasn't nobody even talking to your ugly ass."

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Kevin Gates Slams Woman On Instagram For Not Giving His Dog Fellatio