Kevin Gates is on some real talk today. He posted an Instagram video in which he speaks candidly about being a gangsta in the game. He starts his spiel by saying, " I used to want to be a gangsta." He goes on to preach about the facade many have created when they reach a certain level of fame:"When they get to that level, you know, they're not what they said they is, you know?"

From what he shares with his fans, it can be understood that big names in the rap game prop themselves up, assuming this will aid their pursuit of status or street cred. Gates says many of those he used to look up to are "pretending." He uses the saying "many are called and few are chosen in this game, you know?" He then asserts himself as part of the latter: "Imma die if you try to play with me, Imma die right there on the scene." Meanwhile, the rapper makes sure his teardrop tattoos are in full view, which adds weight to his speech. In contrast, he also speaks to his joy in being a family man. The video is presented with a caption that reads, "Without a doubt or contradiction."