If you're unfamiliar with Kevin Gates, be prepared to take in his whole personality in this short clip. The rapper has a high output rate, constantly dropping singles and projects for his fans. This year alone, we've heard plenty of new songs from the Baton Rouge specialist as we wait for his next official album I'm Him. Gates has been running press as of late and when he stopped by Genius to chat about his track "Push It," he decided to speak a little bit about Rihanna and why he loves her so much.

In Gates' music -- especially in the raunchier cuts -- his love for his wife Dreka Gates is clear. However, if he wasn't shacked up with Dreka, the artist would probably be shooting his shot at the Bajan Beauty Rihanna. In his song "Push It," Gates references the pop star in the following bar: "Bought a new freak, she got a big head like Rihanna." During his sit-down with Genius, he decided to expand on the lyric by explaining just why he's so obsessed with RiRi.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"One thing I love about Rihanna is I never looked at the ass," said Gates in a hilarious manner. "I always look at that fucking cranium, that football helmet that she got on her fucking forehead. I always loved that about that woman. Like, if you get mad at me [...] I'll kiss you on your forehead. 'Who you getting on with? Who you disrespecting?' I'll kiss you on your forehead. Hey, when we get home, I'm gon kiss you on your forehead."

Priceless stuff here from Kevin Gates. The Baton Rouge rapper has so much personality and on the way to his next album, he's letting it shine.