Kevin Gates must know that people's attention spans are dwindling these days because he decided to release his new interview with Sway in four parts. Each section was equally interesting as the artist detailed his legal problems, a recent stint in jail, and everything there is to know about Luca Brasi 3. Considering he was kept silent for so long even after being released from prison, we were looking forward to some new Gates and he certainly delivered, coming through with a solid offering. In the fourth and final part of his interview with Sway Calloway, Gates speaks on his insecurities, revealing that he hasn't always seen a "Great Man" in the mirror.

Prior to the release of Luca Brasi 3, the Louisiana rapper shared a few songs, of which "Great Man" was one. The track details how he sees greatness every time he looks in the mirror, but things weren't always so nice. "I still wrestle with certain insecurities," reveals Kevin. "I don't feel like I'm as attractive as I would like to be because I was told that I was ugly a long time ago." His wife, Dreka, helps him with those feelings, constantly reminding him that he's "beautiful." Even after slimming down and living a healthier lifestyle, Gates still feels as though he has work to do. 

He also spoke to Sway about how surprised he was to enjoy a Disneyland trip with his family. From the look of the viral photo from that experience, it sure didn't look like he was having fun but we're glad to hear he was actually elated.

Watch the final part of his interview below and check out Luca Brasi 3 here.