Kevin Gates usually takes to Instagram to express his particularly humorous musings, but earlier today, he documented the unfortunate experience of being escorted out of the mall by police. According to Gates' Instagram post, both he and BWA crewmate OG Boobie Black were "kicked out for apparently no reason." 

The clip gives no insight into why the Baton Rouge rappers might have been asked to leave the mall, and, indeed, Gates is just as perplexed himself. In the few seconds of video, one can spot a total of 7 officers. That's a ridiculous amount of backup force for escorting two men out of a mall. 

Gates appears to show no signs of resistance, and he doesn't say anything to the surrounding officers. "No matter what I always conduct myself as a gentleman," he explained to his followers. 

Hopefully authorities can provide a decent explanation as to what went down. It certainly is disturbing if all those cops showed up for "no reason."