Since his release from prison in January, Kevin Gates has been efficient in making up for lost time. His recent EP Chained To The City serves as a stark reminder of his capabilities, and the game has once again placed Gates on their radar. Now, the rapper has continued to make his presence felt, taking a page out of Plies book to bestow some good old fashioned Instagram advice. The subject in question is the concept of "relationship goals," an idea with which Gates seems to find fault. 

"I be hearing a lot of people talk about relationship goals and couple goals and shit like that," says Gates. "But everything with a relationship is supposed to be between you and that person, it's supposed to be private. It ain't the internet business what you and the other person go through.What we talk about is what we talk about." He proceeds to show some love to his girl, Dreka Gates, who held it down for him during his prison stint. "Like I say, that's why I respect my woman so much because she hold it down! These new hoes don't know how to hold it down."

He continues along those lines, stating "they don't know what holding it down mean. Cause soon as something happen they run and put everybody in the mix. Then the mix get fucked up cause everybody got they mouth on the situation. That ain't how that go. If I get mad, and the other person get mad, we gon' sit down and we gon' talk about that. It may take a little time, but we not about to go public with this shit. We gon' keep a united front. We gon' hold hands and smile for the ugly bitches."

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