We do not deserve Kevin Gates. First, he releases a dope album that we'll be listening to all weekend. Then, he goes and does this. The Louisiana native is known for his in-person antics, often causing a stir through his eccentric behavior. In the past, we've read headlines about the rapper making out with his dog, attacking a fan at a concert, eating mangos to practice oral sex, and much more. The following statement is undoubtedly true: Kevin Gates is an entertaining character. You seriously never know what's about to come out of his mouth. After the release of I'm Him, the recording artist decided to live-stream with one of his fans when something unexpected happened. The woman expressed her interest in having sex with Gates. However, the rapper wasn't having it and he explained exactly why she wants no part in that.

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Exchanging pleasantries with the female fan, Gates was shocked when she took up the courage to inquire about something. "I wanna fuck you," she passionately said on the other line. Right away, Kevin is taken aback. "You wanna fuck me? Why!?" asks the superstar rapper. "What if my dick little? You don't want this. This dick so little." 

After she responds that he can just "leave it in," Gates perplexedly looks around the car, possibly checking to see if anybody else is listening in on the conversation. Good on Kevin for remaining loyal to his wife Dreka. Keep those mangos stocked, man.

Stream his latest album I'm Him right here.