If you follow Kevin Gates on Instagram or social media, then you probably noticed he’s been spending a lot time with fellow Baton Rouge rapper NBA Youngboy recently. The the two have been spotted on a few different occasions working together in the studio although we’ve yet to hear the final outcome. While Gates might serve as a mentor and older brother to Youngboy, it appears the admiration roles might be reversed as Gates looks to have just gotten a tattoo of NBA Youngboy on his body.

On Tuesday night, Gates shared a pic on Instagram of a new tattoo he looks to have gotten of NBA Younboy holding up 2 guns by his forehead. He shared the caption “Done by @andygtattoo,” alluding to that this his new ink. Its unclear at the moment where the tattoo was placed and what it says underneath the photo of Youngboy’s face, but it’s quite the devotion to ones friendship that’s for sure.

Now I guess it’s possible this could not be Gates’ actual tattoo and it’s someone else’s which he's sharing, but that wouldn't make much sense. It appears Gates just decided to get a tattoo of Youngboy for the helluva it. Now will Youngboy repay the favor and get one of Gates?

Check out the tattoo (below) and sound off in the comments.