While hip-hop fans tend to enjoy a good beef on occasion, there are times when feuds become too dangerous, going beyond mere music. In such instances, threats often turn physical, until the loss of life seems a tragic inevitability. In truth, it takes a lot of strength to squash a beef, especially since rappers tend to be quite proud, and extending an olive branch can be seen as a sign of weakness. Still, it's always good to see two successful artists put aside their differences in order to help each other thrive. That's exactly what happened between Boosie and Kevin Gates, two longtime rivals. 

Boosie recently uploaded a video to his Instagram, in which he reveals that he spoke to Kevin Gates earlier. "Trying to get that boy to come to that Boosie Bash," says Badazz. "Tryin' to pull it off for him. Gotta let the man travel. Man gotta pay his taxes." In the caption, Boosie elaborates on the situation, writing "Just got off the line with @iamkevingates trying to pull it off so he can perform at the #BoosieBash THE CITY NEEDS THIS!!!! #BoosieBash2018 Say a prayer tonight that he’s allowed to travel ASAP...BIGGEST SHOW LOUISIANA HAS EVER SEEN."

Kevin Gates was released from Illinois state prison on January 10th, and while he's currently on parole, his travel privileges are limited. In case you don't know, the tension between Boosie and Kevin Gates originally popped off in May of 2016, when the rappers allegedly got into a physical altercation during a Louisville concert. In 2009, a man had claimed Boosie had ordered the murder of Nussie, who was affiliated with Gates. It's definitely good to see these two men put aside their differences, especially after such a dark history.