TMZ is reporting that Kevin Garnett is accusing his former accountant of pilfering $77 million from his $343 million career earnings. Garnett claims Michael Wertheim is guilty of skimming the accrued funds with the help of a crooked wealth manager. Garnett believes that both men acted together in the interest of a split purse. Charles A. Banks IV, the allegedly crooked wealth manager, is accused of committing the theft, but Kevin has filed a motion to include Wertheim in the lawsuit which is moment's away from heading to federal court in Minnesota.

The court document reads that Banks' plan included forcing Garnett to live on a fiscal budget so the two "crooks" could finick with a greater pool of cash. One of example of which occurred in 2013. According to Garnett, Wertheim not only refused his request for $40,000 of his own money, but proceeded to berate him on his spending habits. Then within the same 8-day span, the wealth manager "colluding" with Wertheim allegedly stole $8 million of Kevin Garnett's liquid assets.

Michael Wertheim vehemently denies any involvement with Charles A. Banks IV, or any wrongdoing on his own accord. He and his attorney have said they will "vigorously" fight this case, in order to clear his name.