On Monday night, Draymond Green corralled a defensive rebound with seven seconds remaining in regulation and the Warriors tied 106-106 with the Los Angeles Clippers. Green ignored Kevin Durant's call for the ball and instead raced up the court before eventually losing control as time expired.

What happened next was a heated argument between the two All-Stars that still hasn't been resolved, and a one-game suspension for Draymond Green. According to reports, Green had challenged Durant about his impending free agency and called the two-time Finals MVP a "bitch" multiple times during their argument, which was deemed conduct detrimental to the team.

After Tuesday night's victory against the Atlanta Hawks, Durant told reporters that he still hadn't spoken with his teammate about the incident. Now, members of both families are now weighing in on the matter, including Draymond's mom who came to her son's defense on twitter.

One of her tweets reads: "KD should have ran and fill the lane like he always does. Dray got trapped because he was expecting him to be there and he wasn’t! #enoughsaid#Drayaintselfish."

Durant's brother has also chimed in, posting the following on his IG story today:

"True colors ain't hard to see when someone is mad! It's so much more clearer now lol!" 

"Instead of competing with what's already written just follow along before the greatness is done rubbing off on you and people see you for what you really are..."

You can check out the posts from Draymond's mom, as well as KD's brother's two cents, in the posts embedded below. The Warriors will travel to Houston for a matchup against the Rockets on Thursday night, airing at 8pm ET on TNT.