For years, the NBA has been using Spalding basketballs, and players have grown to be quite comfortable with them. In fact, Spalding created the very first basketball back in the 1800s which just goes to show that their equipment is pretty legendary and has a ton of historical significance. Despite all of this, it appears as though the NBA will be moving on from Spalding and instead, will use Wilson balls moving forward. 

This was a huge shock to fans and, more importantly, the players in the NBA who actually have to deal with the new equipment. In fact, Kevin Durant had some commentary on the matter, saying "Oh hell nah" when presented with the new facts. Clearly, he and some of his peers throughout the league are a bit worried about how the Wilson balls will stack up.

A basketball is a very particular piece of equipment and when players are presented with something they're not used to, it can lead to some pretty massive problems. With that being said, the Wilson balls are made with the same material as Spalding equipment and will be used as of the 2021-2022 season. It's important to note that Wilson actually supplied the NBA with basketballs for the first 37 years of the league's existence. Needless to say, the two have worked together in the past.

The G-League and WNBA will also be making the switch which means the new deal between Wilson and the NBA must be quite lucrative.