The Christmas showdown between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors was the most watched game of the NBA season, by far. It also stirred controversy between the close game and a few noticeable no-calls against the Cavaliers toward the end of the game. Those missed calls were highlighted in the NBA’s “Last Two Minute Report,” an ongoing recap of all the possible calls officials could have made in the final two minutes of every game. Naturally, the NBA’s evaluation of Richard Jefferson tripping Kevin Durant on the final play and LeBron James violently shaking the rim earlier in the quarter were subjected to even more scrutiny by the fans.

The NBA called both those calls incorrect in the report, but during a press session today Kevin Durant didn’t take solace in the acknowledge missed calls. Instead he voiced displeasure by saying, “it’s bullshit that the NBA throws the refs under the bus like that.” Durant goes on to (correctly) assess that the NBA saying the call was incorrect doesn’t make it any easier on the Warriors, nor does it excuse their loss. The Golden State Warriors star forward would rather the NBA abolish the report altogether and move on because “they’re going to be tense when they reffing the game, they’re going to try to get every call perfect,” which definitely sounds like a recipe for over-officiating.

Despite Durant’s words, it’s unlikely the NBA will ditch the Last Two Minute Report. We’ll likely be referring to it again before the week is out. Listen to Kevin Durant’s full comments below.