Kevin Durant has always been an expert troll when it comes to Twitter. From his humble days as a burner account user until now, KD knows how to get fans riled up with the simple press of a button. Some might argue that Twitter beef is beneath him and his status as an NBA superstar, however, KD has made it clear that Twitter is simply fun for him and that he enjoys dunking on fans who try to go a step too far with him.

In the aftermath of the Nets' loss in the NBA Playoffs, Durant has been particularly active on Twitter and he is constantly engaging with fans. Durant has been particularly active in Japan, where he is now competing in the Summer Olympics for Team USA. Even with the busy Olympic schedule forced upon him, Durant is finding the time to clap back at people.

Kyrie Irving & Kevin Durant

Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Recently, a Twitter user named CuffsTheLegend said some disparaging remarks about Kyrie Irving, which then prompted a snarky response from KD. The Team USA superstar posted a photo of a man sleeping on the floor in an empty apartment as a way of showcasing what Kyrie haters typically look and live like. It was an extremely humorous troll that forced the user to put their tweets on private. From there, Durant racked up about 250K likes in what has to be an all-time Twitter ratio.

Fans are usually quick to troll Durant although, in this instance, KD ended up with all the respect in the world. NBA Twitter has gotten out of pocket these last few months and the trolling has gotten to a point where it is more toxic than funny. With this in mind, it was good to see Durant put an NBA Twitter troll in their place.