LeBron has been the talk of the sports world ever since he announced that he was leaving Cleveland for the sunny weather of Los Angeles. The first time he left Cleveland, James opted for a warmer climate as well. The county of Los Angeles gives James a chance to expand his business, and it gives LA fans an opportunity to enjoy playoff basketball again.

Kevin Durant made waves when he joined the Golden State Warriors two seasons ago. If anybody understands leaving a city where they are worshipped to join another team based on personal decisions, it is him. Durant sat down on Variety's Sports and Entertainment Breakfast recently, and praised James' move.

“I think really great ones like LeBron have the opportunity to pick both. Have a great basketball environment, but also live in a place to help his business advance," he stated. "He’s earned that right to make those decisions. I’m excited he took advantage of this opportunity to be in L.A. and play for the Lakers. It’s great that he decided to take his career to the next step. To be here in L.A. is only good for him and for us basketball players to see that.”