Kevin Durant and his Brooklyn Nets are set to face off against the Boston Celtics in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. At this point, it seems like an inevitability that the Nets will win the series and will most likely go on to the NBA Finals. Despite this, the Celtics plan on putting up a good fight and with players like Jayson Tatum on the roster, they have a great shot at forcing this series to six or seven games.

In fact, KD gave big props to Tatum in a recent report from NBC Sports Boston. As Durant explained, Tatum has done a great job staying healthy throughout the season and that Tatum's talent is among some of the best in the entire league. Based on KD's words, it's clear that he's a fan of the young star.

Jayson Tatum

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Per KD:

“I mean, the way he plays the game, he never changes his style from scoring from the top of the key, to the post, from either side of the floor, adding passing to the game now. I feel like he has some blinders on and just focused in on developing and continuing to grow as a player, and that’s what I admire the most from afar. But he’s learning more and more about NBA defenses and as a young guy he’s been through so much already. He’s only going to get smarter, so I think at this point people have thrown everything at him and he’s handled it pretty well.”

Game 1 of the first round series between the Nets and Celtics will go down tomorrow in Brooklyn at 8 PM EST.

Kevin Durant

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