J. Cole's KOD has done a lot since it's release two days ago. The tape has already broken Spotify's opening day record, Nas co-signed it, Logic dubbed him "King" and now Kevin Durant is singing his praise for the project. Following his Warriors’ morning practice today, Kevin was asked plain and simple what he thought of Cole's new album.

“He’s a legend already, man,” he told reporter Jabari Young. “It felt like he was in my head as he was writing this album. The stuff he was writing about is stuff that I go through as a young man in this world, in this crazy business. It was much-needed music. I needed to hear that.”

Kevin has been referenced by hip-hop heavy-hitters like Drake, Jay Z, and Wale. Speaking on J. Cole's previous reference of him on the tack “Fire Squad,” Kevin previously said it all means the same no matter who the shoutout is coming from. 

“I wouldn’t say it means more coming from Cole than it does from Drake or Wale or anybody else, because all those dudes, they actually work for something to get to where they are," he said. "They had to go through the rough times to get to where they are so I respect their opinions just as much as basketball players’ opinions […]They perfected their craft, it’s just in a different profession.”