Last Summer, Kevin Durant became a free agent and fans were curious as to who he would end up signing with. For the longest time, there were rumors that he would go on to become a member of the New York Knicks. Of course, this never actually happened as he decided to go and sign with the Brooklyn Nets, instead. Durant teamed up with Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn and as of next season, he will be taking to the court in a Nets jersey for the first time ever.

Recently, Durant was on JJ Redick's podcast where they spoke about Durant's free agency decision. As KD explained, he never wanted to go to the Knicks and that becoming the "king of New York" was never something he ever thought about. Simply put, KD couldn't care any less about the Knicks and their history.

In that same interview, Redick asked KD if he felt he took the easy way out by going to the Warriors in 2016. Durant said he felt like that was a wild assertion to make and that he earned his titles in Oakland. KD referenced his Finals MVPs noting that he had to work very hard to accomplish what he did.

As always, Durant wasn't shy to say exactly what's on his mind.