Charles Barkley has angered a lot of people over the last week due to his take on the COVID-19 vaccine and whether or not basketball players should be able to skip the line. In Barkley's view, NBA players pay more taxes than the average Joe, which means they should get to cut into the front of the line. Upon delivering these comments, Barkley was rightfully criticized as many called his opinion both elitist and divisive. 

Now, it seems like Kevin Durant is weighing in on the situation and as one would expect, KD is not on Chuck's side. In an Instagram comment captured below, Durant responded to Chuck's initial comments saying "I don't know why they still ask for this idiots opinion."

Durant has had his run-ins with Barkley in the past, especially recently when Barkley claimed that Durant has always been a bus rider and never a bus driver. The former NBA player always seems to criticize players as opposed to praising them, which is something he must have learned from Shaq, who always does the same thing on Inside The NBA.

Needless to say, Durant isn't a big fan of Chuck and it feels like various other NBA players and fans feel the same way right now.

Kevin Durant

Jason Miller/Getty Images