Kevin Durant is one of the best basketball players in the entire world and when his career is over, many will look back on him as perhaps the greatest offensive player the league has seen. Throughout his career, Durant has won two NBA championships, as well as two NBA Finals MVPs. His efforts with the Golden State Warriors, while highly criticized, were certainly valiant and there is no denying he proved himself to be one of the best there is.

During his final season with the Warriors, Durant infamously got into an argument with his teammate, Draymond Green. Over the last two years, there has been plenty of speculation as to what really went down during that argument, with much of the information coming from Green. Recently, Durant spoke to NBA player JJ Redick about the argument and noted that it actually helped his relationship with Green, while also making the team stronger.

Kevin Durant

Al Bello/Getty Images

“Me and Draymond, we got better after that actually,” Durant said.  “I felt like I was more locked into the team after that. I felt like he understood me more because we sat down and talked about that whole situation.”

In the end, Durant has had the last laugh as the Warriors recently finished last in the Western Conference, while KD and the Nets are poised to become Eastern Conference contenders.