During a recent episode of Rachel Nichols' "The Jump" - NBA center turned pundit Kendrick Perkins spoke of the factors leading to Kevin Durant's departure from the Golden State Warriors' organization this offseason. Based on his findings, KD's decision to leave was based on the residual bitterness of the November bust-up with Draymond Green. 

Although Draymond Green wasn't the instigator in their spat, it was he managed the most biting words, once the altercation spilled over into the Warriors' locker room, in which their teammates intervened before things got physical. As Perkins went onto inform his ESPN colleagues: KD felt that ownership was in Draymond's corner from there on in. And perhaps, KD couldn't fathom the idea of another season with Draymond Green running the pick-and-roll on his watch.

"KD never bounced back from the Draymond situation," said Perkins. "And I think the Warriors had a chance to sign KD, but when that situation occurred — and the Warriors tried to clean it up by suspending Draymond."

Harry How/Getty Images

Perkins elaborated by stating that, although Draymond's suspension was, in fact, punitive in nature, KD felt it was only administered to keep the peace within the public eye. Two months later, ownership issued a statement in which Draymond was proclaimed "a Warrior for life."

"It's hard to say they took [KD] for granted, but I think he felt like it was best for him to leave. And it's hard to overcome that. There were some harsh words," Kendrick said in closing. Perkins' take is the least bit shocking; in fact, most NBA pundits predicted the damage being done before the midway point of the 2018-2019 season. Not to mention, the general consensus is that KD was growing bored of going unchallenged, and was/is seeking a new adventure to keep pace with LeBron's undeterred legacy.