For decades, there have been debates surrounding who the greatest basketball player of all-time is. In the eyes of most people, the GOAT is Michael Jordan. He broke numerous records while winning six NBA titles, which makes him easily one of the most accomplished players ever. Add his skills into the mix and it's clear that MJ is an obvious pick. Some people have thrown Kobe Bryant into the conversation while others have made a case for LeBron James.

Calling LeBron the GOAT can elicit a pretty incredulous response, as some just feel like LeBron hasn't done enough. In fact, Durant had a similar reaction recently, as he was out and about shopping. In the clip below, Durant was speaking to an NBA fan who said the greatest player of all-time was LeBron James. Durant looked at the guy for a couple of seconds before saying "that's crazy."

The fan continued to make his argument but it's clear that Durant didn't want to hear it. KD is a player who has never been shy to voice his opinion, so it's not surprising he opted not to choose the high road in this situation. Not to mention, LeBron is a rival of his and you never want to gas up your competition too much.

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