Now that Kevin Durant is in rehab for an Achilles injury, he has a lot of time on his hands to go out and about on social media and respond to random people on Twitter. Durant has grown up a lot over the last few years as in the past, he would have used a burner account to respond to people. These days, KD can be seen using his main account and interacting with people who he probably shouldn't be paying any mind. For instance, yesterday, KD got upset at a fan for criticizing Anthony Davis and his trade out of New Orleans. That's when a fan replied to KD and asked him who he thought the best defender in the league was.

Durant hilariously responded to the question as he threw some respectful shade at PJ Tucker of the Houston Rockets.

Tucker has been considered as one of the premier defenders in the league for quite some time now although he has yet to be given an honor as high as best in the league. It's clear that KD has a ton of respect for him, even though he isn't very appreciative of all the hacking.

Moving forward, Tucker will certainly become more than just the guy with the nice shoes, especially if the Rockets start doing something in the playoffs.