Kevin Durant came into this season with high expectations as he was coming off of a brutal Achilles injury that could have spelled doom for his career. With Kyrie Irving and James Harden beside him, Durant was able to excel in the early part of the season although a thigh injury eventually took him out for a few weeks. Just a few days ago, Durant was able to return to the Brooklyn Nets lineup although he eventually reinjured his left leg which took him out of the lineup, once again.

There were hopes that Durant could come back on Friday although those were quickly dashed as his leg was still experiencing some problems. According to ESPN, KD is now officially good to go as it was announced that he will play tonight against the Phoenix Suns.

Kevin Durant

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With James Harden dealing with injury setbacks, Durant's inclusion in the lineup is extremely important, especially when you consider how the Nets are trying to obtain the number one seed in the Eastern Conference. Irving has done a great job by himself, although it's clear he would prefer to have his superstar teammates right by his side.

Hopefully, Durant is able to remain healthy for a sustainable amount of time, as many fans want to see what the Nets can do at full strength.

Kevin Durant

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