Kevin Durant was easily one of the biggest signings of the preseason although it was clear that wherever he signed, that team would be without him for a year due to a ruptured Achilles tendon. Durant injured his Achilles during the NBA Finals in what was a pretty devastating injury for all of the parties involved. Now, Durant is on the Brooklyn Nets and seems as determined as ever to come back sooner than was ever really expected of him.

Achilles injuries are pretty serious and most of the time, players aren't able to come back the same way. Fortunately for Durant, he has a great team around him and is constantly working around the clock to get his leg back in shape. His rehab has paid dividends which is evident thanks to this video of KD walking around New York City, courtesy of TMZ.

As you can see from the clip above, Durant is walking without any crutches and even seems to be doing so without a single limp. Before, Durant used to need a walker but now, he appears to be doing quite well. While he probably can't participate in basketball drills, this is certainly a positive development for Durant and the Nets.

For now, though, the Nets are better off being patient with Durant as they wouldn't want to reaggravate such a devastating injury.